Litters Due


 my new house -- 307 E. Ricker rd Loudon NH 03307-0721  

I do have pups Due this summer 


***** updated on June 30th 2023

What I Have Available now for pups:

* 2 Yellow Girls go Home on 8/5 Noel & Berlin 

* and lacey is having her pups right now..So far 2 Black boys,1 choc boys,1 black girl,1 choc girl. but I have to call people on the waiting list first and then I can tell you what is available.


For current information Please complete this  FORM.or text me 603-432-0811 By completing this form, you will receive detailed information about purchasing from Integrity Farms and a link to a page update regularly about pending litters.  This letter is very comprehensive and should answer most of the questions you have.  After the form is completed next steps can be discussed over the phone If you have more questions.   This form also provides Integrity Farms with the personal and contact information needed to proceed. (This form is not an e-mail, it is an automated response. If you do not receive it please check junk or spam folders or text me 603-432-0811)

For information regarding stud services or other inquiries, please call.

**Our puppies are sold for a pets and companionship and are sold with a limited registration through the American Kennel Club; and with a spay/neuter agreement. All of our dogs (black & yellow English labs,sometimes choc not as often only have one female choc engliah lab.)

**Our puppies are sold with a simple health guarantee that goes home with each pup. Proper shots will be given and records will be provided to the buyer. A vet check and State Of NH Health certificate; deworming will be administered. 

Our INTEGRITY LABRADORS have their proper clearances for breeding.

  • Hips are certified by The x-rays are evaluated by a Board Certified Radiologist at the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  (OFA)
  • are also certified by The x-rays are evaluated by a Board Certified Radiologist at the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  (OFA)
  • Elbows Eye exams by a  by a board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. 
  • Also All Males have Heart testing and  appropriate  AKC DNA testing
  • At least one parent is Also tested for: Optigen (PRA), HNPK, EIC, and CNM
  • We use tests accepted as valid by the Veterinary association and community available to us as breeders to insure that we are breeding dogs are are free of health problems. However, we, like all other reputable breeders, are still at the mercy of the unseen genetic makeup of dogs and therefore cannot guarantee against diseases over which we have no control.  Having said that, we at Integrity Farm Labrador Retrievers only breed dogs that are free of genetic disorders and make every attempt to improve the wonderful breed.  Environment, food, weight and exercise also have a significant role in the development of dysplasia and these are things we have no control of.

Integrity Labradors has a sales contract and agreement that must be signed and understood at the time of a deposit. Puppies are held upon arrival of a $300.00 non-refundable deposit. 

Please Keep in mind that puppies are not televisions.They are not manufactured in a plant or assembly line. They are living animals, created through two other living animals, they cannot be ordered exactly to what color or sex you would like. It is recommended to have a second choice of color or Sex that you would be happy with. If nothing is born that matches you desire, or one female does not have any resulting pups, your deposit will be carried on to another litter. 

Important note: Just because any animal has been bred does not mean they will all conceive or even have resulting babies, anything can happen. Reproduction is very tough anything goes with Mother Nature; we just have no control. But, if this happens your deposit will be carried on to another litter. 

So when you ask to send in a deposit and get on my waiting list (waiting list is for pups not born yet),  I want to deal with people who want one of our pups.  Not someone who has a timeframe to fill. If it’s about a certain time for you write down the dogs due dates call me after my litter is born and I can tell you what I still have available. That is fine also. I just don't want disappointed people if I don't have a pup at particular time.    It is much better dealing with people who are willing to wait for the right dog. 

Once you are on my waiting list and if I call to tell you I have pups.  You then can say yes or no, the timing isn’t right for us call me when you have your next litter. That works out just fine and is very understandable. 

Visiting Open Houses (Guidelines): 

As long as I don't have pups under 5 weeks old, I will allow visitors.  As much as I love visitors to show off my dogs & the farm. Pups are Not Born with an immune system they get it from the mom's milk, So as long as I have Pups 5 Weeks or under. I can NOT have visitors at that time. So please have respect for the health of my animals, thanks so much for understanding. 

If it is a time we can have Visitors, Please, Please, Please, DO NOT visit directly after viewing another kennel, pet store, humane society or anywhere that sells puppies or kittens or stores that allow dogs to visit, within 72 hours before coming to our farm. Due to the potential of disease transmission, deadly viruses can travel on your clothes & bottom of your shoes. Kennel cough can even travel in your hair.   You MUST shower between visits change clothes and shoes and wash your hair. Sorry I just don't need sick pups. Finally, pease do not come at all if you have been around dogs or cats that are sick, have flees, ticks, mites, kennel cough, parvo, or anything that can be passed along to the moms or pups.

I truly thank you for caring as much as I do.              

Winter is tough with snow and ice, then it  thaws and makes mud everywhere on the farm, even in the Spring we have a lot of wet mud. Please always wear proper shoes when visiting the farm. We are a Farm!  Also please do not park on the grass. :)   

Thank You, Brenda
 The old sayings 
"You get what you pay for" 
"Patience is a Virtue" 
"The BEST is worth waiting for" 

If you are seriously considering Integrity Farm for your puppy purchase, fill out the FORM for more information then call 


If you have a female lab with health clearances and are interested in using one of our stud dogs please go to the stud dog page.    

  1. Remember do not e-mail, Please call or text me. If you need to e-mail me call me to tell me to look for your e-mail. I have over a thousand in my in box just can’t keep up.  Filling out the form is the way to get info.