Saddles In Stock

The Hedgpeth Easy Ride Saddles that Integrity Farm has in stock:

The Easylite Sweptback16"


This is a Easylite (weight 23lbs) model Sweptback Saddle.

They are designed to help hold you in the seat. This was made for a man.
The swell is 14" wide. These saddles are built for work or pleasure The measurements are 7" gullet, 9" high swell, 3" high horn, and 5" cantle.
This seat is 16". The wood tree is reinforced with webbing and fiberglass covered for strength and waterproofing.
Color is Dark Brown.
This saddle also comes with a horn, and Cheyanne Roll with silver lace in the Back cantle, Round skirt, horse shoe bran Conchos.